My testimonials

"Really Helped me out with a straight forward plan. The key was intensity and something that Nathan really stressed given the little time I had to work with".

Adam Williams / Commercial Director / Maltacourt Global Logistics 

"I have been with Nathan for over 2 months now and carrying it on. His plan and Technics are something special. Most effective with least time. I feel energetic, fit and strong. I started to have control of my body muscles (which I never knew exists). By the way that was not the best part; the best part is his ability to make all this a fun, laugh and enjoyable. Thanks for the experience MR Kennedy"

 Khalid Hashmi / Taxi Driver / Self Employed 

"I've been training with PT's since moving back to Warrington in January, after my previous personal trainer moved on to a new role, Nathan had been recommended to me. So after a free taster session, we agreed to start the hard work! On our first session, my weight was checked and measurements were taken and we jointly discussed my goals and from that Nathan created my training plan. He motivates, engages and pushes me to my goals, we've been training twice a week since October, now not only am I starting to notice changes but so are friends and family. I've lost weight and started to gain muscle, the sessions are enjoyable (well at times, after the pain)and varied. I'd recommend to anyone considering taking up a personal trainer. Cheers Nath".

 John Paul / Project Manager / 

"I have trained with Nathan for almost 12 months, following a plan specific to my goals, timescales and fitness/strength levels. My plan was written by Nathan following an initial consultation in January where he logged my weight, measurements and the Kg’s I could already lift. It was then updated monthly based on progress and revised goals.

Nathan’s monitoring techniques have been fundamental to my progress and successes. Whilst allowing flexibility, Nathan kept an eye on my diet and my exercise (using his own app) allowing him to make suggestions and recommendation to support my goals and keep me on track.

Through my training with Nathan I have gained knowledge of diet and exercise, control of my body and most of all my self confidence has improved. I have lost inches, weight and body fat and feel 100% better for it.

The best part.. Nathan makes training enjoyable! Give it a go, I can guarantee you will not regret it".

 Nadeen Roe / Procurement Category Manager / Coop