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A little about myself...

My name is Nathan, a certified personal trainer and fitness expert. I have been part of the fitness industry for over a decade.

I'm currently a self employed personal trainer, I provide guidance, diet tips, tricks and can help you adjust your diet to achieve various fitness goals online.

The world of fitness fascinates me, I promote overall good health by helping people eat balanced meals and exercising correctly The key to maximising your potential is exercising with good form.

Fitness should be something that helps you in all areas of life. If you focus on fitness, eat right and exercise correctly, you will reap the benefits. These benefits can range from losing weight, maintaining the ideal height-weight ratio, helping your metabolic rate, keeping your stamina levels up, keeping your hormone levels in check, giving your skin an enhanced glow the list goes on.


As your personal trainer or online coach, I can inspire you to exercise right and exercise well. Regular exercise is the key to overall health.


Passionate about your progress, I thrive on helping clients achieve their fitness goals, nothing means more to me than helping  a client reach their fitness goal. 


  • Active IQ Fitness Instructor L2

  • Active IQ Personal Trainer L3

  • Optimum Nutrition for Health and Performance L4 

  • Active IQ Metabolic Circuit 

  • Active IQ Gym Based Boxing 

  • Active IQ Studio Cycle 

  • British Red Cross  First Aid 

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